Industries first shot at something heavy…

After spending countless hours with our friends at LinkWall putting the Soapbox car together we decided it’s time to play a little bit longer with their skill set.

For years now, the affectionately named Thunderbus (the company Toyota Land Cruiser) has had a bent up front bumper, and we’ve decided to rectify that.

This is the preliminary image for what will be a new front bumper. The plan is that it not poke out the front end of the truck, like many other bumpers we’ve seen. No jutting, winch tines waiting to gash our neighbors cars while parallel parking. No exposed bolts for scraping the tender, light-impact plastic bumpers of the bastion of Subaru’s that live in our neighborhood. An especially nice feature is that the turn indicators and driving lights will be recessed so that they are less able to be stolen by those who ‘also’ like lights like that. Also included in the set-up is a recessed quick connect set-up for both the winch cables and regular jumper cables, and recessed D-rings in case we need to be dragged out of trouble.  (Because it never hurts to be able to help folks)

Although these preliminary drawings are well underway. Once rendered in CAD and eventually C&C’d by Alchemy Industries, the build should be quick and easy.

We’ll keep the site up to date on the process. We’re excited about it. We’re also excited to eventually buy the Warn Industries XD9000i portable winch in order to utilize the recessed 2″ tow hitch receivers on both ends of the truck. When we’re not off road, we can leave the 90 lb. hulk in the warmth and security of the house.

Here’s to the grand adventure!


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