Production to a public domain…for the ‘little people’ (literally)

We’ve been honing our skills for a while now. We enjoy the work that we do. And now we’re going to step into the fray.

MANVIL will be putting some images together and producing our work  “the little people” of Portland.

We specialize in producing tees of all sizes, but these ones are specifically for those of smaller sizes. Kids sizes.

These are the first products for sale on a retail scale for us, so we’re being kind of timid about it. But the shirts aren’t.

“Portland Made” has been a design and mindset we promote readily and heartily. We love the town, and we’re in good company. Thanks to this love, we think others here can relate.

We’ve put together a list of favorite colors, on 100% organic tees of a great quality. Let us know if you like them, we’ll let you know where you can find them if you want to buy them.

Cheers! Thanks for the support, and remember to give your own town props. It makes living there a lot easier!

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