A little switch-up…

Every design gets to be rebuilt, it’s only natural. So when we set out to add something to our race shirt, we had to push some pride into it.

We’ve built some great, fun cars for soapbox, and we’ve built some truly horrid ones. We’ll admit we’ve even designed one or two abject disasters. (Read: Wheel failure, ejection and endoe-ing into the crowd.)

Here’s the link to an awesome vid one of our videographer buddies put together. (7 minutes, no nudity, safe for work, funky music)

This year is still different, as most of them are, and the car is coming along well. So well in fact that we believe we can safely call the venture “industrial” with impunity.

We even threw in the MANVIL industrial motto. “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum, quod est nostrum officium”. Don’t let the bastards grind you down, that’s our job.

There are those who know Latin better than we do, and technically our translation isn’t perfect, but for a language that all but died when Pompeii was turned into mother nature’s mud room, we’re willing to be flexible.

Hopefully we will grind everybody down the hill, we’ve kinda seen it as our mission. We would like to make note though, if you haven’t read The Handmaids Tail by Margaret Atwood, you should. Good book, well told story, and lousy Latin. Just the kind of thing we love. (And it was a crappy movie, so don’t get lazy, read it.)

If you’re in Portland, and can make it to the Portland Adult Soapbox Race, come by and say hello. We might have an extra beer for you. (But don’t hold your breath)

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