Lovin’ us some Oregon outdoors!

A while back we were honored by the chance to compete for a poster design.

Not unlike the request given to us by a very activity-minded European shoe manufacturer, this request was put forward by none-other than our favorite beer maker. So MANVIL pulled out the stops, got the design machine rolling and put forth this little gem following the predetermined guidelines.

Thankfully the activity was a study in graphic design qualities, and not entirely based on the marketable quality of the event.

While almost everything was left to the designer, MANVIL named the event “Pour-fest in the Forest”.

 The name does have some fun alliteration.

We laughed heartily at how well it flowed off the tongue, especially when given a decidedly southern drawl, but politically, it might not work for some…

Alas, to those who believe we are making fun of somebody, we’ll never change your mind by yacking about it. And any attempt at PC posturing seems like a bunch of hooey when you’re arguing about the name of an event that involves riding mountain bikes over Oregon’s greatest mountain bike trails and ending the day with a pint or four. So if you don’t like the name of the event, please feel free to have another beer, if only to keep your opinion to yourselves and your mouth closed.

Mountain biking in Oregon’s great wilderness rides are events to behold. The fresh air, sunshine, and well chosen paths lined with some of the most spectacular trees and vistas make for an awesome experience on two wheels. And Mountain Bike Oregon’s guided trail runs in Oakridge, Oregon are revered world wide. (No honestly. “World Wide” it says it online. We were surprised too!)

Having seen loads of pictures of the scenic rides throughout the hills of the Willamette National Forest, we put forth that there probably aren’t many places more beautiful to ride. And to have riden these trails all day, and to end the afternoon with some free pints of Ninkasi’s best like, Maiden the Shade, Total Domination and Believer Double Red Ale? Well, that sounds like a great event.

To MANVIL, that kind of an event should be called: “The Pour-fest in the Forest”



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