perhaps it’s forward thinking…

So a good friend started a company that has all sorts of MANVIL-Approved toys.

Real toys, like metal cutting, CAD assisted water-jets, huge winches and built-it overhead cranes. Big heaps of power equipment, lots of things that make noise, blow smoke and are generally not safe for those who are clumsy, or are a hemophiliacs.

He and his business partners have the greatest cavalcade of indoor metal fabrication items we have yet to come across without being in a major industrial area, or requiring a hard hat to go see. And the parking lot is filled with toys the likes of which could support a caravan of outdoorsy-folks for a month or two.

And they have a good natured look on the work. It’s for fun and profit, which sounds like a dream these days, but if it works for them, who are we to argue.

His company runs wild with the acronym AI: Alchemy Industries. And although that is a fine name. A name which has strength and an idea of purpose, we think Alchemy Industries Universal sounds better. (Plus the name is still available as a domain name)

AIU. Ok, just as an acronym it doesn’t flow off the tongue, but it does serve a purpose. We at MANVIL think Alchemy Industries Universal sounds great, and the graphic looks pretty cool too.

Granted, it’s no Spacely Sprockets, but it is pretty forward thinking. When they go online, we’ll update this log and let you in on their efforts! Cheers!


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