It’s all over but the crying… and the fonts, and the layout, and the content…

We love graphics. We really do.

Putting them together is awesome. Making a design that works is fun and entertaining to us.

But the real work doesn’t stop there.

There has to be a way to convey all the information for the client.

People need to know where, what, why, when and how? This information needs to be conveyed, and although it could be explained in some sort of loopy, kinda crazy, hyper-colored show poster, that’s not quite our style. (We’re not even sure which freaking band is playing, perhaps it’s written in Arabic calligraphy, but the image is admittedly pretty sweet. Props to House Industries!)

If you know us, you know we prefer simpler graphics, and although there is artistic in what we do, we can’t admit to having had a major band ask us to do their tour duds.

So here’s this weeks project. If you can figure out who we did the art for, good for you. If you can tell we had a good time making this… good for us.

Enjoy! It’s been a great summer so far.


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