What happens on the hardwood…

A few weeks back we visited Trader Vic’s with the sole intention of grabbing a libation to escape the unusual Portland summer heat. (Hot for us anyway, it was almost 90′ Sorry everybody East of Idaho)

To our immense and pleasant surprise, we had arrived 20 seconds into “Happy Hour” and at this we realized living was good.

With the MANVIL’s kama’aina history, and dissatisfaction with heat, a mai tai sounded like a wonderful idea. And a half priced mai tai on a summers day trumps almost any beer ever made.

The only catch that the folks at the reception desk had was that “happy Hour” could only be enjoyed on the hardwood floor of the establishment.

For those who’ve never been to Trader Vic’s in PDX, the periphery around the hardwood floor is carpeted, and on the outside of the bar, closer to the cross streets. It’s a nice enough place to eat, but it’s also a bit toasty on a summers day. So being forced to save money, while sitting under the ceiling fans in an open air bar was not a drawback.

The mai tais were almost as good as the ones back home at the House Without a Key, (trust us) and they were served up handsomely at a great price. So it was a win win.

It was such a great experience that we’re planning a return, or possibly even create an organization called The Hardwood Club. There is a chance that the title THC might not be well received, but it’s Portland after all, so perhaps we’ll just run with it.

Here’s to a great respite from “the day Portland was… warmer”. And here’s the mascot for The Hardwood Club, his name is Opu Nui, and MANVIL will always support Opu Nui.

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