The Left, the Right, and U.S. stuck in the middle…

It’s election year in the United States, and in some respect that sucks.

Don’t think we don’t appreciate the democracy that we have here in America. We cherish it. We’re just not sure that We The People are gaining the benefits that some folks are.

According to Wikipedia, a Political Action Committee is: “Any organization in the United States that campaigns for or against political candidatesballot initiatives or legislation.[1] At the federal level, an organization becomes a PAC when it receives or spends more than $1,000 for the purpose of influencing a federal election, according to the Federal Election Campaign Act.[2] At the state level, an organization becomes a PAC according to the state’s election laws.

That said, there has been a LOT of money bandied about really wealthy people and concerned groups for any and all types of candidate. Recently there have been folks talking about handing out as much as $100M to ensure that a certain candidate wins. That’s a donated amount with nine zeroes in it, all going towards supporting a candidate, who just might lose.

And when he or she does lose, you have to ask, where did the money go? Who really ended up winning monetarily?

It had to go to political hacks, a few advertising agencies, the networks, some other organized media outlets, maybe some of the staff, and perhaps some trickle down monies to the printers and auxiliary staff.

Despite our dissatisfaction for the whole idea of the wealthiest person winning the race, it seems to be the way of U.S. elections. Ability, personality and skill holds merit in our eyes, not paychecks; but we’re not running, and if we were, our chances are… slim.

So for all the hugely wealthy folks in either party, who believe that your vote HAS to be heard, you can have your PACs; but you gotta pay a tax.

It’s math the well heeled can understand: YOU MUST PAY TO PLAY!

Every PAC, no matter what the affiliation, big oil, women’s rights, pro-guns, pro-penguin, Non-leaded fuel lovers, bow-hunters, dirt worshippers, Moonies, pro-Freedom/anti-French Fries, it doesn’t matter: If you want a PAC, you pay the tax. 32% across the board. Sorry Mr. Colbert, you’re right, it is funny, but you gotta pay.

The tax money collected goes to the Department of Education, so our kids are smart enough to know what a bunch of hooey you all are proselytizing.


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