New shirt styles, and they look pretty nice…

Earlier this month we mentioned giving new shirt styles a shot for MANVIL Athletics. We were looking for a better fit with similar quality. We have to admit, we’re impressed by what District Threads put together.

As with any shirt production for MANVIL, the build of the shirt has to be stout, and these shirts are nicely put together. They are not the same 6.1 oz. all cotton build we are used to. They are made of a lighter all cotton style, and apparently the cuts are a little more flattering for those who spend more time in the gym.

These shirts, with their v-necks, and lighter material are a diversion from a lot of what MANVIL holds dear. Solidity, old-school hardness and oldest-shirt-in-the-hamper comfort.

We like the durability and long-lasting quality of our heavy all-cotton tees. We think a good tee should be able to soak up hours of hard worked perspiration, as well as the blood and tears that go with that hard work.

So these are a slight diversion, but a well built one.

Nobody wants to spend time on the road or in the gym wearing a tee that feels like wet body armor drawing your shoulders to the earth, so the lighter material works for us.

If heavy duty is what you want, then we still build the heavier 6.1 oz. shirt in the MANVIL line.

These are the lighter MANVIL Athletic shirts for endurance and good looks. If you’re interested, drop us a line, we can get your graphic on them and have you stylin’ in short order.


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