Product Creation, and what it entails…

We wear all kinds of hats at MANVIL, and one of them entails being able to produce the best garments we can for our clients.

We make no bones about it. Our clients range from stonemasons to automotive journalists… from local auto repair shops to international organizations… from other stonemasons to historic watercraft. And we’re proud to serve every one of them the best way we know how.

One of the ways we do that is by keeping up with the trends, and in doing so, we like to know exactly what we’re getting. So when one of our clients wanted a tee shirt that we’re not used to selling, (because we like them heavy, thick and super-durable, and he prefers a more fashionable, light weight cut) we called the vendor to see what was out there from a reliable source.

Now, we use SANMAR as our blank tee vendor, and we always deal with sales rep Shannon (ext#5758) because she’s always smiling and knows exactly what’s going on and how to make our meagre monies go the longest distance. Their shipping staff and huge selection means things get here fast, and on-time. So when Shannon suggested we grab a few lighter weight tees from District Threads, we gave it a whirl, and so far they look excellent. There are great colors, the fit and finish looks first rate, and the styles seem pretty decent as well. However, the real proof for MANVIL is how they look when printed on, so we decided it was time to step forward and produce a few with our MANVIL Athletics logo on them.

We’ll get this taken care of and let you see for yourselves later next week when they’re all taken care of. Until then, have a great weekend and thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of the design.

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