Here comes the midnight sun…

Our client at atomic auto is soon heading off to the hinterlands to run with wild abandon through the countryside in a 30 year old Saab.

Not only is the race a great historic event reminiscent of the rallies from the 1950s and 1960s, it is a hugely entertaining time. It’s an old school motor race that goes beyond simply going left at the banked corner ahead. This is the kind of event that folks from the city might call hooning and folks from outer counties might call a brisk drive to the store.

With most of the competitor’s cars nearing the “antique” portion of their lifespan, the Race to the Midnight Sun is a blast for spectators and drivers alike.

Spectators like to see old school rallying with cars that are actually within a mortals budget, as opposed to watching the awesome, yet prohibitively expensive WRC cars.

For the drivers, they get to challenge themselves and their handiwork without having to sell a kid, kidney or soul in order to race.

Here’s hoping that Travis from atomic auto has a great time with his race. He and his buddy Ryan may well be the first Americans to be a part of the Midnattssolsrallyt, and we couldn’t wish them any more good luck. We’d fly out for it if we could.

Enjoy the race guys, it’ll be a blast. Skøl!


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