Well if it hasn’t killed you yet…

Adversity. What a pain in the butt.

We all face it. Thanks to the kooks at the bank, most of the world economy has been feeling something less than awesome.

So what are the options? Drop out? Run away? Curl into a ball? Bury your head in the sand? Move to Australia?

No. At MANVIL the course of action is “get back up, learn from the challenges and face them again.” (Although I hear Aussie weather IS pretty nice)

Granted, it’s not always easy to do. Sometimes the shunt from a setback is pretty debilitating, but mom didn’t raise us to be coddled and dad didn’t stand down when he knew what he was doing was right.

So you take the impact, try to salve your wounds and you get right back in the game.

Not that that course of action is always the easiest. It can be painful, and sometimes the stings of adversity are pretty mean. And some days it seems like the hits just keep coming, but what are your options?

At MANVIL, we like the idea of sticking it out, so when Matt at Poetry in Stone needed a graphic for a brainstorm he had, we put the wheels in motion.

That’s right folks; Celebrate Adversity. Because once the chips are done being down, the sense of accomplishment is AWESOME!

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