DownForce Motoring goes for OG design…

MANVIL is proud to design anything for anybody, but when an idea strikes us as “perfect” there is little saying that the client at hand will go along with the idea.

When we sat down with DownForce Motoring, a division of DownForce Media, they let us know what they were looking for. They wanted a design akin to the DownForce Media division’s graphic, which is a sort of “App-centric” image.

Now there is nothing wrong with Apps per-say, they just involve a lot of colors, and often they require a good series of half-tone gradients to look photo-realistic. And photo-realistic is great, but it doesn’t print to shirts well, and we love a great tee.

So when DF Motoring asked for a “headlight in the App-mindset”, we gave it a whirl, but ultimately… well, let’s just say it wasn’t where our heart lay.

Something bold, and hefty with a strong foundation and simple, no-nonsense straight shooting. Something excitingly visual, that spoke openly and got the point across, just like the videos DownForce Motoring puts together.

Sure, we put some images  together  that would work with the App-style, but we eventually branched out a bit far. And we liked what we saw.

Black and white, simple, stylish and stout. We ended up so jazzed about the new DF Motoring image that we forwarded it with little fanfare, stating to the client that this old school, no-flames, gradients or highlights image was the future. Solid, image-strong, and mildly uneven, hell we’re still stoked about it.

Wouldn’t you know, so is the client, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We like it, they like it, and one of these days we’ll own the tee shirt, and wear it proudly.

Now that feels nice: diggin’ what we do!

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