Where has the time gone?

Mayhem© has a copy right, thank those insurance guys for that.

As a result of our hearty fear of litigiousness we chose another word to describe the ensuing chaos. Hijinx it is, and that is just fine.

You see Soapbox has become a rather large beast of burden. (Just ask the folks who put this on)

What once was a small but proud batch of contractors, bar minions and lovable lag-abouts has become a prideful display of the diehards, the techno-mechano-savvy and the merrily extravagant.

Soapbox 2012! It’s not a damned picnic, it’s the cultural event of the season!

Even the Red Bull Frusen Glädjé has a hard time holding a candle to this, and they’re passing out near military spec amphetamines!

The most raucous festival of Portland’s culturally bereft. So on it comes, like a weekend-free-time burning freight train, ready to garnish all the weekend wages left on the calendar between now and August 18th. And so it shall be.

At MANVIL, we’re proud of the efforts we’ve put forth, be they humble, foolhardy, or downright dangerous, so ahead of time, we’re thanking the folks who put Soapbox together!


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