Damned near free tees, you pay shipping: $10.

It’s damned near the end of spring cleaning season and while we were going through the storage closet we found these little gems.

Three tees made soon after MANVIL’s first run of Tools 1.02 Electro-Gas-Pneumatic cards: Chainsaw, Grinder and Charcoal Chimney

Designed for quick marketing, displayed for sales, and produced by one eyed, cockney pirates who couldn’t spread proper tee shirt ink to save their own hides, these shirts are ORANGE and the inks simply slide off them after 20 washes or so. Major fail! They are, however, 6.1 oz. orange shirts, and they are a comfortable cut. We’ve got them in lrg, XL, and 2XL. Hell, treat them like a SHAMWOW if need be, they’re orange and comfy….

Send us a $10, your address and you’ll get a shirt… as long as the supply lasts. We don’t have that many left. (2937A NE Glisan, Portland, OR 97232)


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