There is no app for a dead battery…

Technology is a beautiful thing, but its gifts are useless when the power goes away.

Not that we’re Luddite’s, nor that MANVIL would ever hope the power goes off. We love our fancy phones. The current iterations allow so many wonderful opportunities to keep ‘in touch’ it’s hard to consider life without them any more. But they need juice, and sometimes a charger isn’t around when you need them, and alas some batteries simply fail. 

Hell, sometimes gravity and a puddle of water act as a death knell for our fancy phone technology.

For this reason MANVIL is happy to approve of this great piece of kit. The ORIS Divers GMT Date.

We like the strong, clean design of all ORIS watches, but the GMT takes it a step further.

We like the stout durability, and we like that it has a Swiss-built automatic self-winding mechanism. (No batteries)

We also love that it’s water resistant to a depth of 300 meters. (If we ever end up that deep, we’re hoping we’ll have the sense to let go of the fishing pole attached to the whale, otherwise the precise Swiss timing will be of little concern.)

Here’s to ORIS and their Divers GMT Date, the first of many MANVIL approved products.

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