Austerity might work… for the Germans

Granted, we’ve displayed this image once before. This time though, it’s national.

In 2012, this year of great political dissension, financial unrest, and under the constant threat of some sort of zombie apocalypse, we need to settle down. We need to avoid the hi-jinx of some of the nation’s more excitable events.

And MANVIL believes nothing in the Northwest puts turmoil on the back burner like IPA. Oh, we do have have our favorites. Home town favorites, favorites from the hippies down south, a few from up North, and some from the East.

And what makes these IPAs so great? Northwestern hops! Which are technically American, even though some may think the Northwest is a republic, or worse. (At least Sarah Palin can’t see it from her front deck.)

And the Northwestern hops, well that’s where the austerity comes in, because now the US has its own awesome hops supply. One nation, under hops, indivisible. We like it.

The best beer is a truly cold one on lawn-mowing day, after that it’s IPA.


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