PT-658 orders another round of tees, and that’s why we do it…

Last year MANVIL had the opportunity to design and produce two tees for PT-658 to help promote the Portland based non-profit Save the PT Boat, Inc..

This boat, this strange and wonderful part of naval history is actually the only “still functional, still sea-worthy” PT boat on the west coast. Which we think is kinda crazy.

You’d think that there should be a lot more PT Boats on the west coast because they are, somewhat incorrectly, remembered for their war effort in the Pacific. You know, Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway up to zany antics and nautical hi-jinx in McHales Navy, plus the part PT-109 plays in the psyche of American political history doesn’t help matters of fact either.

There were United States Navy PT boats all over the world. Major zones of operations were in the Mediterranean, the aleutians, and the  Panama Canal zone. Somewhat ironically, PT-658 was actually en-route to service in Russia when the war ended.

For all the numbers of PT boats that were built in WWII, most of the boats were destroyed at their duty stations when the war ended. Which we think is sad, but it makes an organization such as Save The PT Boat, Inc all that much more valuable to the community.

We are proud to be able to help, and we think that the veterans, volunteers and donors to PT-658 deserve credit.

Happy belated Memorial day!

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