How to handle all that “stuff”…

In the early days, before MANVIL was even a bona fide studio, we worked for several now defunct tee shirt manufacturers. We made sure that other people’s graphics could be printed on tees to look beautiful and be put to market.

Some of the artwork we produced tees for was for athletic manufacturers both American, and European. Some of the graphics work was for outdoorsy companies, some was for city dwellers and some was for folks who spent a lot of their lives in comfy chairs.

We frequently came across some pretty fantastic designs, and the production of those designs was rewarding when they were to put on a shirt.

Getting the images for a season’s worth of clothing, watching the designs be finalized and prepared for complete production runs, and eventually shipping orders of 5,000 to 80,000 tees is a pretty great feeling from a production manager’s standpoint.

Graphics production is not glamorous, nor are there really any heroes unless somebody manages to catch a big mistake early on in the print cycle, but the work has its merits to those who like to see things done right.

For this reason, we put together a tribute to a simple but totally necessary item of production: all hail Digital Asset Management. It’s hard to describe, it’s hard to get thrilled over, but if you and your large organization don’t have it and you need to find “the right, client approved graphic for this season’s girls beach tee” and you don’t have a DAM system, you might just be in some pretty deep kim chee.

Here it is, for those who give a DAM.


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