Will it sell in Topeka?

Beyond graphics services MANVIL makes flashcards. We take them seriously and believe in their value for education as well as for Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation. They also would be excellent gifts for those who believe their family members have no clue which part is the working end of a screw-driver, but we won’t go into that right now.

We placed the MANVIL Flashcards Series 1.01 on the market in ’08, and they were well received for what a small business can create, but there has to be more to it.

Sticking to what we thought was a good design is an option, but constant improvement needs to be considered. And our clients gave us some suggestions that we couldn’t ignore.

Clients stated that they wanted to be able to “see” the product better, so we chose to increase the contrast without completely re-defining the image.

We also chose to change the font in order to make the definitions less busy. We swapped out the older looking serif font and went with something a little more eye-friendly.

We like the changes altogether and believe the current design to be more eye catching while retaining the use-ability of the cards. The product packaging, which also will be changed if we are able to increase interest, will retain the same ‘old school’ look and feel.

So what did we learn here? Pay attention to your customers. Listen to what those customers have to say about the product. Although the firm may have great ideas for design, they need to sell those ideas to more than just themselves if they want to keep the doors open.

PS: Considering good ideas and design, it should be noted that the Phillips Screwdriver was actually invented by John P. Thompson and patented by Henry F. Phillips of Portland, Oregon. The Phillips patented screw and screw-driver were relatively unheard of before the patent date in 1934. The tool’s subsequent use by the assembly lines of Cheverolet and Cadillac¬†made them an industry standard.


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