If an up-dated Bronco looks that good, what about one with four doors?

There are times when MANVIL has to tip its hat to businesses that make something truly awesome, and when we saw what the small California manufacturer Icon was doing, we took notice.

When we saw what Icon 4X4 was doing with their BR series, we were stunned. The BR is an all new build on one of America’s greatest four wheelers, the Ford Bronco. And it appears that they have the blessing of Henry’s company, so the project might just keep rolling on infinitely.

Not only do we have fond memories of the Bronco from our youth, the Bronco remains the only four wheel drive vehicle our dad might have bought… had we lived somewhere that would have allowed for off-road adventure.

Practicality. That’s what kept the family in wood paneled wagons as opposed to the first generation SUVs.

And on that note of practicality we submit this to the great designers at Icon: The Icon BR4. We like the looks of it. Good strong lines, room for 5 and if it were up to us, a 6 speed tranny with a little Tdi to keep the ownership costs down.

No matter what you think of it, take a look at Icon. They build great machines and deserve the recognition, and these days stand out work is good to see.

*** UPDATE *** We found a picture of a real world version of this rig on Off-Road Action‘s website. We don’t know who built it, they don’t know much about it either, but it just so happens that the damned thing looks great!

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