Can I get a “hell yeah” for clean water….

MANVIL has been working with our client Stormwater Resource Group for a number of years now.

We’ve worked with them on graphics as well as in the field. They’re a quality organization, and they love to get in the dirt in order to build rain gardens, bio-swales and hardscapes.

When we got word that they were in support of Portland’s Grey to Green initiative, which promotes bio-swales and whatnot, we were excited. Educating people on what a rain garden does is a relatively simple task, if you can literally talk to the people, but business doesn’t allow for dropping everything to chat with any looky-loo who walks by.

SRG had an idea for that, and they turned to MANVIL for the result. We put together a small graphic that can be left visible and on site in order to explain the benefits of rain gardens to people.

Now if folks have any curiosity, they can turn to the placard and figure out what they’re looking at.

We think the graphic covers the bases pretty well with a description of exactly what the rain garden does without going overboard on what it looks like. It comes in dirty on the top left side and leaves nice and clean, even when it’s still raining.

Way to go Stormwater Resource Group… now figure some other time to stop and chat. (Maybe next week they’ll hire us to refresh their site.)


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