The client passed, but it gave us an idea…

A while ago one of our prospective clients dropped an idea in our lap and we ran with it. The client was interested in making flash cards for the entire 2012 line-up of a certain European motorcycle company.

As time passed, the client’s excitement for the idea waned, but the ball was rolling at MANVIL and we liked the possibilities. The plans for the cards had them made on coaster type material.

We liked it in concept, but the idea of motorcycle riders using bike themed coasters to nestle their beers in probably didn’t pass muster with the legal department. And although we can’t fault legal for finding issue with drinking and riding, (They should not mix, ever.) ee are a little bummed that the plan was nixed.

We think the cards look pretty damned nice, and we also like the idea of knowing your motorcycle types. As time permits, these might become MANVIL Cards Version R62 for our two wheel riding friends.

Let us know if you can suggest any motorcycles that deserve to be a part of the Motorcycle Icon series. We’ll look into the production possibilities.


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