The beginning of MANVIL cards Series Sw. 625

If there were a reason for MANVIL to be around at all it has everything to do with flashcards.

Initially we saw them as a means to educate kids and perhaps rehabilitate traumatic brain injury sufferers. We haven’t changed the goal, we’ve just continued producing the designs like we had the money to get the flashcard company off the ground, which we don’t, but that’s not important right now.

What is important is that our NEXT series of cards will be Series Sw. 625: Musical Instruments Flashcards.

Why would somebody need these? We’d venture to guess that in some venues, if a roadie were to hand the lead guitarist a Les Paul Custom as opposed to a Flying V or vice-versa, said roady would spend the rest of the evening wandering the streets back to their home, jobless.

Fight unemployment for America’s future Road Travelling Band Support Teams: Let your kid know the difference between a Gibson and another Gibson, or an oboe and a kazoo, or maybe  snare drum and a washboard.

You wouldn’t want to be the one who asks your kid to go get the cowbell only to have them return with the triangle. (And what the hell are you doing with a triangle anyway? Who are you, Martin Short?)

Anyway, that’s why we’re moving forward in Series Sw. 625: Musical Instrument Flashcards.

Those of you out there who are curious about the naming of this product can take the time and listen to the only redeaming track from Def Leppard’s Euro/butt-rock extravaganza High N’ Dry. Enjoy!

One thought on “The beginning of MANVIL cards Series Sw. 625

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