Not sure the old school manner was best, but it worked… as seen on TV.

We at MANVIL like good design, and good design mixed with the right words makes for great advertising. Sometimes though, you need to take the reigns and lead the horse in another direction through more stern coercion.

While watching Mad Men a few weeks back we were taken by the response of one of the characters Layne Pryce (played by Jared Harris) to an affront made by a wise-assed Pete Campbell. (played by Vincent Kartheiser)

After the younger upstart Campbell insults the very proper Mr. Pryce with a series of ‘off the cuff’ verbal jabs, Mr. Pryce turns the tables asunder by preparing to stuff those jabs back down Campbell’s throat manually.

In a curiously formal and very respectful invitation, as shirt sleeves are being rolled and blood levels are being raised, we see Layne Pryce: Englishman, rope towwer, and Financial Director turn to the last thing we thought we’d see from him, a serious and visceral response to an insult. Apparently there are some things that truly can’t wash off a ducks back. Sometimes they must be knocked off with force.

In the scene that followed the wise-assed Campbell is shut down quickly and with certainty. His quick wit and sassy banter proving unable to defend himself against the focussed jabs and longer arms of the bean-counter Pryce.

So we put this little image together and worked in an amalgum of one of Dave Chappelle’s lines for the Wayne Brady sketch, which is not at all safe for work or kids, but it is funny as hell.

So here’s to old time¬†solutions to problems, may they be faced with a willingness to roll up one’s sleeve and get down to business… with all the energy, but less of the pugilism.

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