Preductive text and its end results….

Yeah, we know. Predictive is spelled incorrectly, and that’s kind of the point.

As much as we love our fancy phones, and as much as we appreciate the ability to text, check e-mail, play games, listen to music and view social media sites at any given moment of the day, sometimes the phones go a little too far.

At some point this morning while texting we typed in “Seize the Day” and what came out was not quite what we’d expected.

“Diazepam the Day”

Diazepam? Really!?

Pharmaceuticals aren’t our game, so it took some investigation (on the fancy phone no less) to find out that this depressant has been on the market for a long time, but how does the phone decide to use a word that we don’t even know? We don’t like pills, needles, hospitals or pork pie hats for that matter, but why would the stupid phone choose an antiquated downer as a spelling correction? Or a word that is three letters longer than the one we typed.

Perhaps the mysterious gremlins that inhabit the innards of the phone want MANVIL to take it easy today. (Today’s weather is gorgeous after all!) What are we, high blood pressure heart risks? No, we’re a pretty mellow design firm, in a currently beautiful town, with little to no need for short-term relief of symptoms related to anxiety disorders.

Maybe it is time to return to the time of the cell-phone.


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