Portland and the making of a beautiful relationship…

Portland Oregon isn’t a huge metropolis. It’s a city, make now doubt, but in order to walk across the ‘business’ side of town, it might take 45 minutes, not four hours.

We at MANVIL kinda like it this way. An easy walk ensures easier travel via automobile.

We have long believed that a meeting anywhere in Portland can be attended on time if provided 20 minutes of travel time. (Put that in your pipe and smoke it Seattle!)

Back on subject, Portland is a relatively small city, and that allows some of MANVIL’s customers the opportunity to meet one another on good terms.

When our client Link-Wall had the chance to meet our other client City Farm we were able to broker the kind of amicable meeting that any design team loves to see. Clients meet, intermingle and join forces to help the consumer and their own bottom line.

City Farm gets a raised bed, and Link Wall gets a display case in hot new shop. Win/win. Hopefully everybody involved will want all new graphics and to buy us lunch and maybe even a cold one… or two.

As always we wish our clients the best of success, and we look forward to working with them in the future.



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