The circle’s a little left of center… and it may be high as well.

We at MANVIL have been working pretty closely with some of our new clients. (Linkwall and City Farm) And we’re being literal when we say that. The “you get one end we’ll get the other” kinda literal, because one person could do the lifting alone, but teamwork makes for light lifting. And that’s just how we like it.

As we were at it, and recognizing that Portlanders do a lot of things well, with pride and in town, we noticed that nobody really makes mention of being Portlandic. And when we say that we don’t mean passive aggressive with a grumbly voice.

In a town where we have more strip-clubs, coffee bars, brew pubs, restaurants, people who use libraries and college educated people from other states per capita, it’s time to make a shout out if you will.

Whatever it is that is made here, multi-tools, sunglasses, gloves, athletic gear, stone walls, shoe design, notebooks, or stuff with birds on it (ugh) make note. This Northwestern bastion of smart, well read, beer drinking, weirdos and provocateurs shall say aloud: We may have been raised in town, or somewhere else, but we were all assembled in Portland.

Celebrate it. The mark is right on point, but the circle is a little left of center… and maybe a little high.

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