DFL beats DNF hands down….

Even in the easy-going mindset of the Northwest, every race has somebody who came in either first, second, third or somewhere thereafter.

Hopefully not DNF (Did Not Finish) because that can lead to somewhat severe problems in a frigid water race.

I’d rather be DFL (Dead Freaking Last) than take my chances floating in mother nature’s cold Northwestern rivers.  Even a super slow boat in a race is preferable to death by hypothermia or the seasonal fishermen who ply the waters of the Willamette like meth dazed survivalists in tin bathtubs. (BTW: Hat’s off to the US Coast Guard for shadowing the racers)

For the motivated and the strong of will there are these simple awards for their efforts and displays of paddling prowess. First. Second. Third.

Perhaps we could make an award for DFL, but hopefully, with more practice and some luck, they can get next year’s awards…

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