The secret may well be Swanson….

MANVIL doesn’t relate to a lot of characters on TV.

Sure, we’d like to be as suave and intelligent as Don Draper, but without the karmic repercussions, the ‘untidy’ history and the need to keep looking over out shoulder at our sordid lie of a life.

It might be great to be as fun-loving, wily and witty as Jack Donaghy, but without the burden of the old boys network, the cut-throat business mind-set, and the need of a tuxedo after six. (Maybe we’re farmers, after all?)

There is, however, one man on the small screen that we can relate to. A man to whom work is work, and play is… well… finer work still.

Parks and Recreation is a show about a small mid-western town and its bureaucracy. It’s a funny show en toto, with colloquial humor and well scripted jibes, but we watch it for one character: Ron Swanson. A talented woodworker, with a penchant for the red meats in life and avoiding the absurdity of stepping in the way of a bureaucracy run amok, Swanson’s woodwork is his own mental Valhalla.

And why wouldn’t it be, if he could use this: The Swanson Speed Square. Appropriate enough for the man of the same name, it’s a tool that makes forming wood a past-time still OK for the office.

Nick Offerman, who plays Swanson on Parks and Rec, evidently spends a lot of time doing wood work. His efforts are somewhat renowned, (Offerman Woodshop) and that allows MANVIL to like Swanson/Offerman even more. (Even though they’re in California)




One thought on “The secret may well be Swanson….

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