Honestly this is a “Safe for work” blog…

It’s in the best interest of everybody who tries to race anything to put a plan into action. Great planning can lead to awesome success and victory, but it can also be a complete pain in the ass if you fail to win.

Oh, we’ve tried with great intetnions to plan for winning this thing we call the Portland Adult Soapbox Race. We’ve also failed so abysmally that we’ve cursed openly for what seemed like days. Keen ideas put forth by those who mean well, but do not have degrees in engineering makes for cars that might just go like hell, but self-destruct violently at speed. (Been there, done that. Surprisingly don’t have the tee.)

So, remarkably, we are putting the request out for a wooden part of this years car. The other parts are more integral, and will be bought new, but this part, all fashion over form, is something that must be chose from options that are out there. We’ll be approaching the boys at Harrity Tree Specialists for our need this year, and we’ll see whether the forward progress will get a car built for us in time for the August 18th (or so) race.

Unless of course you have a great crotch you want to offer the effort…

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