Graphic production is not always a democracy…

A few weeks ago we put the idea for the Rusty Iron together, and yesterday the designs were accepted and will go into production en mass.

The design, simple enough with only slight distress, was accepted, but colors… oh the colors.

Clients like having options, and we believe that the more involved the client is, the more satisfied they might be with the final product… but there comes a time when the client’s vision for the product must be guided, and perhaps even railroaded.

Case and point?! The chosen garment, a burnt orange tee shirt, will look great, we all agreed on that; it’s somewhat faded (on purpose) and the cut is great fit for paddlers. The problem arose when it came to choose ink colors. The clients (it’s a team you know) all had a lean towards certain print colors, we were able to but the final choices down to blue hues. Then the final decisions were put forth to the squad as a blind vote. If ever there were a 33% to 33% to 33% draw… this was the case. So we at MANVIL did the best thing we could, we removed the options and are moving forward with a design that best suits the client: Looks.

Here’s the shirt, these are the colors, and we’re moving forward. We’re lookig forward to the results.

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