atomic energy getting new boost…

It always helps to update old clients graphics to remain on top of their needs and whatnot. atomic auto is no exception for us.

We’ve known Travis and the crew at atomic for some time and they do quality work. That’s why we like working for them. They make fixing cars look simple, so we’d like to make marketing for them look equally simple.

Of course sometimes the graphics guys out-shoot the good ideas for the graphics.

Case and point, the Scandinavian Screaming Chicken Shirt.

Yes, the graphic of the screaming chicken is huge, and at this point it isn’t really owned by anybody who uses it, so it’s fair game. (That and we changed it by +30% at the lab)

Big and bold, the image is made to be recognized from a long way away. The trouble is, it’s an unfathomably hard image to print. Too large, the screen over all the wrong seems, and way, way too much ink for our budget. So there are some issues with production.

If we were Sean Combs, or another large print tee producer who was able to pay well for the production, we’d go for it, but we can’t. (Not this week anyway)

So we’ll simply offer this image up to the tee heavens and hope that someday we can put this together and make an awesome shirt for Travis and the boys. We think it would look rad!

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