Project 4.0 Heavy: The Caterpillar D6N Waste Handler

We’ve been building the platform for the MANVIL Flash Cards for a number of years wondering whether to switch out to apps or not. No matter, the answer will come to us at some point. For now, we’ll stick to our guns and lay the damn things out.

We’re not fans of some “hello kitty” lifestyle where everything is a rounded, soft and a pretty facsimile of reality. We like the stuff raw, real and relative. A machine should look like a machine, a car should look like the car it represents, and tools should look like the things you’ll end up working with if you ever decide to leave the confines of the den and get off your ass to really work with your hands. 

This little item here is the first card of MANVIL Project 4.0 Heavy. The big stuff. The stuff kids ogle at with mouths agape. These machines are the big hitters that take rough land and turn it into pristine sub-divisions, or the tireless drones that take piles of discarded rubble and turn them into landfill. This specific unit was borne to push man-made waste wherever it is deemed best usable.

The waste handler is specifically designed with super-duty cooling systems and special protection for moving parts to ensure that the machine’s life in the landfill is long and unencumbered by mechanical failure. We at MANVIL don’t know when the decision was made to create a landfill specific bulldozer, but we are amazed that it has it own subspecies.

We’ll keep putting together the forty card set, and we’ll throw back a cold one or two when they are all done. You may see one or two more of these down the road… we like ’em!


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