Changing the direction of the pies…

Today MANVIL began working on a project that would hopefully add a little spice to the direction of an old friend’s pizza joint logo.

After seven years with an older graphic, we started to work on a new one for them. Something different, something that did more to promote the cool location the pizza joint is located in, and something that touched on the old graphic.

In the heart of St. John’s in North, North Portland, is a small pie hut called Signal Station Pizza. The spot used to be a SIGNAL petroleum refueling station… can you imagine?!

So the building is an old filling station which honestly, was probably a designer’s dream and the builder’s nightmare. Now it’s a hungry person’s nirvana with fresh pies coming out to order and a great beer selection. Later in the year, when the sun pops out and the outdoor seating is well underway, I intend to take a few hours off and enjoy the fine pies over a cold one. For now, we’ll keep working out this image, because it’s close, but it’s nowhere near done. Perhaps we’ll get back to it on a full stomach.


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