Sometimes you have to work with change.

Months ago we produced a hoodie and tees for a longtime client, Pete Wilson Stoneworks. We went to our usual high-end production facility (OSI) and the results were awesome, but we took one risk. We went for another type of hoodie from our usual apparel vendor. (SANMAR) They SWORE the new hoodies were thicker, better built and warmer. We took a risk and so did the client. We bought a new, unproven garment.

It proved amazingly successful. The Sport-Tek F281: 13 ounces of heft, warmth and precision built hoodie. They’re not cheap, in price AND durability, but they rocked it this year for the boys on the lines who build Portland’s best drystack walls. But then comes the real dilemma, supply and demand.

Apparently a lot of Americans like the idea of a long lasting, thick, totally warm pull-overs. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, where damp can be the norm. When we went back to produce a second round of the now favored F281 hoodies, there were no black hoodies to be seen in the entire US. Which turned into a problem for me. What color next?

Seriously, this is a great thing for Sport-Tek, but it leaves me hanging when the client considers reprinting. After thought amongst the ranks, it was decided that Red would be a good replacement color.

There is no problem with Red as a hoodie color. The problem is contrasting colors on the graphic. It needs to be seen or the point of the hoodie is made useless. So I’ll try to pass this on to my client, and we’ll see how it’s received. Who knows, the hoodie is a great color, which gets seen and is therefor useful for more than simply marketing reasons. Maybe they’ll put me on the safety committee.



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