Up the weather…15 years of Rusty Irons

At MANVIL, even before we were an actual company, we were making the graphics for the Rusty Iron. The enjoyment we derived from the experience helped to form MANVIL, so we are glad we could put it together back then. We are priveleged and excited to do it again this year.

With the advent of last years lovingly rendered and really fun “tiki” graphic we decided to retouch the original event graphic. The logo for the event itself: The Rusty Iron.

On this, the 15th year of the running of the race, which is the first race in the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Canoe Racing Association’s schedule, MANVIL chose to make the event image the focal point. MANVIL didn’t name the race the Rusty Iron, but the graphic easily references the name, and anybody would see that the shadow of the iron makes the outrigger canoe. For this year we are considering putting a Warhol effect to the image, but those plans are still out for review by the clients.

We thought we’d throw it out there for review from site visitors as well. If you like the image, let us know. If not, let us know. Maybe you tell your friends and get their take on it. If anybody has problems with the distressed image looking a bit worn and cliché, also let us know. This design will be reviewed, and if it all works out, maybe we can front you an event shirt. (No Promises)

Cheers to all, maybe we’ll see you at the races.


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