A stand alone product…

Here at MANVIL, we’ve had the great opportunity to work some pretty hands-on jobs. Anybody who’s seen prior work will see that Pete Wilson Stoneworks has been a major player in MANVIL’s work. We love working with Pete and his crew, and we like the feeling of a hard day of work making the city of Portland a better looking place.

So it comes as little surprise that when our client Link-Wall came a calling, we were excited to help. Simple enough in concept, yet thoroughly researched and supported by actual engineering math, the Link-Wall product is getting the ball rolling for some handsome, stout, structurally sound soil retention.

As graphics go, the product speaks for itself: thick, simple and effective. Our hat goes off to the designer and fabricator, a good friend and supporter of Soapbox. How could we not accept the challenge?!

Our hat is off to the Link-Wall project! Efficient, adaptable and good looking is not and easy product to put forth unless it has been thought out thoroughly. Cheers guys!

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