Pitching to the strike zone…

Some weeks sit well in our consciousness, and thankfully this is one of them. We’re not really a touchy feely design squad. We like things pretty straight forward, with little drama, and almost a little heavy handed simplicity.

A client of ours came to us with two great needs. Graphics for a guy who does big metal, and graphics for his own substantial ideas. And when the starting gun was off, we were off to the races and glad for it.

Jack Jones Designs produces objects a lot more substantial than the UK clothier of the same name. Think molten metal, pounding hammers and  sweaty toil as opposed to twee British picnic table plaid light cotton shirts.

MANVIL loves this graphic, with a font so strong it sides every highway, and an image so stout it’ll hold a tanker in place with cold, solid precision. Here’s to you Jack Jones Design, solidworks has a new meaning.

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