Branding fun…

A long while back we saw a video with Jeremy Irons acting in the persona of Klaus Von Bulow. In the clip he says, in a tone well studied and decidedly vainglorious, “Fashion should be fun”.

For best effects in mimicking the proper enunciation, keep your lower pre-molars attached to your upper canines. (It never hurts to raise your eyebrows and look down your nose either.)

What we’re getting at here is that if Fashion should be fun, so should everything else. So today, we take a shot at old school branding. Branding put together as an homage to a bygone era, a time when manufacturing was a big time grit and nasty. No clean suits, no goggles, no rubber gloves and sure as hell no oxygen tanks.

This is a tip of the hat to a time when stacks belched, workers carried tools to work with their hands and a three tonne era-specific super-car had a blisteringly fast 90HP motor… that got them all the way to 90 MPH.

MANVIL has a special love for the huge industrial. We love machines, we love tools and we’re kinda falling for this graphic.

If you want great graphics to be placed on your car, truck, boat or even your fine kids racing cart, give the boys t KolorWerx a call. We’re pretty sure they make beautiful stuff.

That said, and with real sadness that we can’t back Green Bay. Go Pats.

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