The need for speed

I don’t like cluttered graphics. They’re not really my thing. I prefer clean, simple, straight forward images built of precision and clean lines.

Alas, some clients do, and if business requires it, cluttered graphics will be made. Putting together imagery that works for the racing industry is not straight forward. Things must be clear, yet able to support the variety of sponsorship logos and advertising. It seems that most rigs in racing, be they jet boats or kids go-carts, have entire body panels painted over with logos. So how does the most important client in the race (the driver) get the word out there? Well it starts with a personal logo smack dab in the center of the hood/cowling/door/escape hatch of whatever it is they are driving.

POW! This is (enter driver’s name here) and I’ll be damned if somebody is going to beat me!

And a little bit of crazy rarely hurts anybody…

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