Quick and clean, and it’ll last longer than an IKEA bookshelf

With the goings on at SAAB, with the rally on the 14th and whatnot, a new client asked for a simple sticker to display his Oregon based love of Saab. Similar clients may be out there for Washington Saab owners, so we put that graphic together as well.

If cars represent the citizenry of countries (and we’re not suggesting that they ALL do) then the safety minded, enthusiast-driven Saab may well be a major part of Sweden’s image. In a country known for both fun-loving, zestfully adventurous citizens, and a somewhat stoic, solid minded (read: introverted) people, the reputations of Saab and Volvo seem to be plucked from central casting.

“We need somebody straight laced, mindful and safe, they’ll be driving a Volvo”

“We need an intelligent, loose cannon, let’s put them in a Saab”

Perhaps that’s not gibberish the way they’d say it in Hollywood, but it is somewhat close. MANVIL’s client wanted to be able to push their Oregon Saab pride subtly, so when a Saab owner wants to let their freak flag fly they can slap this on the back of their rigs. Here’s to the Oregon Saab owners, may you enjoy this in good health for many more years of driving.

The stickers are proper vinyl, with a UV layer for longevity. They should go on just fine and last for many years to come, which is more than you can say for that awkwardly spelled end table you bought after college. Go SAAB!

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