MANVIL Supports Saab January 14th!

Anybody who knows the Creative Strategy Manager at MANVIL  knows he’s a huge fan of Saab. He’s owned nine of them, so we’re pretty sure he’s got the fever, and yet he swears that they were always reliable, comfortable and above all, fun to drive. Truth be told his current passion is a 6500 lb. lump of Japanese offroad prowess made at the ARACO plants in Japan, but his love of Saab remains undiminished.

Five four-doors and four three-doors, and the last four were all turbocharged. He’s walked away from three of them after they had been totalled due to someone else’s poor driving. At least four of them were nearing 200,000 miles before they were sold, now that’s love!

So when the Northwest Saab Owners Club needed a poster for their rally to show off MANVIL had no qualms about putting it together. If you own a Saab, and want to be a part of one of the many January 14th rallies to show your support in this now bankrupt car company, take a look at to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods. If you’re in the Northwest and you want to take a run around Portland, Oregon, meet at atomic auto on the 14th at 12 Noon. If you live in Washington or BC, try to get in touch with the Northwest Saab Owners Club on Facebook. They’re meeting in Fife at Larson Cadillac Saab at 8:30 AM for the convoy down.

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