This year’s Christmas shirt!

We’re almost finishing up the new year in the office, and we’re pretty stoked with how it all came out overall.

This year has been a relatively successful one: The office is still paid for, the heat is still on, and the clients have been great to work with. Projects, have been rewarding and we think they all look good. (We’re biased after all)

So for the year’s culmination we are putting together a fun shirt that we feel sort of sums up our efforts FOR 2011. MANVIL’s “Hang Loose and No Make A” tee is an homage to our home, Hawaii, and if there were such a thing as a battle cry for our office, this is it. We must admit it’s rather a contradiction to call it our battle cry. Screaming is a huge part of “Making A” and is therefor, about as far from “Hanging Loose” as one can get. (Take it up with the boss)

We’ll send these tees to clients, and to family, and if there are any left over perhaps they can be bought, for a price. (Say $15.) Sorry, we’re only making them in Large and Extra-large sizes. If the interest is heavy, perhaps we can make another run further down the road.

mele kalikimaka a e hau’oli makahiki hou! Bring on 2012!



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