It takes big stones…

The graphic for today is for our client Pete Wilson Stoneworks, and we couldn’t be more proud to put it together for them.

Before MANVIL came to fruition, the boss worked for Pete Wilson Stoneworks, and loved it. Alas, he loved graphics more, but there are few things more fulfilling than creating something out of stone. In fairness, the creation part was left for others, and the boss drove trucks, ran heavy equipment, and lifted lots of heavy things, but that does not change the love we have for things you just can’t get from a computer screen. Graphics and videos don’t have texture, smell, or get into your shoes. There are too few times when you get to create something by hand that will remain in place for 150 some-odd years. That’s the kind of wall that Pete and his employees build.

This shirt’s graphic is an homage to the work that Pete Wilson Stoneworks puts together. Simple, detailed, lasting hard work that should stick around for a very long time.

Thanks Pete Wilson Stoneworks, for the opportunity to produce this series of shirts and hoodies for you. Thanks also for the opportunities to work hard with a great team, run equipment to (and sometimes beyond) its very limit, and the chance to dig those “thankless” trenches in Portland’s beautiful, fragrant, rich dirt.

Cheers to you for many, many more years!

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