You want a badge, or a chest to pin it on…

Occasionally there  are things that happen in the funny town I live in that are well meaning, but not entirely thought out.

New recycling rules are among those things.

A few weeks back every resident in the fair and kind county of Multnomah (Portland, Oregon) got a delightfully Governmental looking composting bucket. This drab, brittle little box, dubbed The Hobo’s Lunchbox, came without a set of directions, but there are supposedly rules and this is as I recall hearing them.

Apparently there are special days to unload this tidy little container into another special container, which is to be rolled to the curb with its yellow, blue and grey brethren. On any given Monday one or all of them will be collected by the myriad refuse services which circle my house all week long thanks to a complete and utter failings of any city regulation. My trash is picked up Monday, my neighbor’s trash is picked up Tuesday, the condo across the street is picked up Wednesday, the place by the condo is picked up Thursday, etc. etc… So like the fruit flies which have chosen to call the Northwest home for the winter, our neighborhood is constantly surrounded by hovering garbage trucks. One for recycling, one for yard debris and one for outright trash. Four times a week.

I love that Portland recycles. I’m all for cutting down on the amount of crap that we, as Americans, throw into landfills as spent packaging. I just wonder if it would be possible to ruin only one morning of the week picking up each others detritus. Perhaps… but for now, here’s what I think Portland needs, a merit badge, in order to prove that the city’s inhabitants know how and when to use each of the boxes that the county has provided. I’m not sure I could earn one today, but I will eventually. Here’s a link to how it should work. Thanks Portland!


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