MANVIL & atomic auto the love-fest continues…

When busy clients have needs we at MANVIL like to try and help out whichever way possible, and when a favorite client (They’re all favorites really) needed a newsletter there is little question that we want to see them succeed.

The success of our clients not only allows them to use our services more, but our strong relationship allows for MANVIL’s growth as the proverbial word gets out. When atomic auto, Portland’s premier Saab service facility, and Swedish Auto Body chose to put out a quarterly mailer we’re glad the felt comfortable turning to us.

So how do you represent a staff of 7 commited technicians and 6 support staff who have the passion to service anything with four wheels? You throw your voice to their customers in a targetted e-mail, specifically, a program called constant contact. There is no mass-mailing waste of paper, no postman lugging half an hectare of former trees around the neighborhood in paper form, and if a customer isn’t interested in knowing about the goings on of the company they can simply opt out. Driven through the interwebs, there are coupons included for the e-mail savvy to impress upon customers the wants of atomic auto: try to be as green as possible, do paperwork on the screen.

At MANVIL, we’re proud of the work that we’ve done for atomic auto and Swedish Auto Body, and we’re glad to be a part of their continued success.

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