Lovin’ Ted’s Salsa Lab…

If you’re lucky, you just might create a graphic that you yourself love. It could be a large graphic for a client, or a simple graphic that works just for you, but when you’ve built something that you yourself actually enjoy, well, at that point who the hell cares what anybody else thinks.

I mention this because over and above all else, MANVIL believes that good graphics rule. If the creativity works for you, and the image made inspires a positive reaction, (or a negative one if that’s what you were aiming for) then you’ve found joy making something you dig. Muy Bueno! That should be what it’s all about. No!?

Yeah, times are tight, graphics jobs in this town are few and far between, with a lot of competition for every opening, but it’s not at all selfish, or delusional to like your own work. It’s selfish and delusional if you like your own work and don’t put it out there.

Here’s to Ted’s Salsa Lab, may they move towards the competitive circuit! They’ve got a logo MANVIL would go to bat with.


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