It’s a full color world, let folks see it!

Initially the client request was for a black and white image, and it was good.

No really it was. The idea was to make a VERY easily printable logo that would not only grab attention, but also get the point across. What could be simpler than black and white. (Our vote: not a lot.)

So when the idea of coloring the image came up, we’re pretty sure the client said “easy peasy”. It wasn’t so cut and dry. Sure, “just put color in it” might have been the client’s response, but from a graphic designer’s standpoint, it wasn’t such a breeze.

Colors have qualities that work with one another as easily as they work against each other. The blue that works so well on the left might draw undue attention or recognition from the tan on the beach, the green on the grass and trees, or the red that provides the shape of the liner.

In honesty, we at MANVIL were against the colorization at first. Subsequently, we like how it pops and plays witht he eye.

The colors represent the vibrant allure of the Caribbean. It displays the vivid lifestyles of all the sea-going Caribbean folk who dwell within the non-pollution zone, while promoting the “don’t dump garbage in the sea” message.

There are thousands of beautiful places to visit in the Caribbean. Hopefully this image, backed by the multi-nationally signed and supported MARPOL treaty will get the idea to every boater in the region that there are facilities on shore to deal with rubbish. It’s not OK to simply toss stuff overboard.

We wonder how the image would look really large?

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