No sea-slugs were harmed…

Caveat emptor means something like, “let the buyer beware’ and I’m not sure why that phrase hasn’t been on the tongues of all the pundits in the United States since Wall Street put the wood to the economy, but it is still something we hold dear at the MANVIL office.

When a client comes to us, we realize their money is often hard earned, and it needs to last them a while, so the graphic that we do for them is made the way they want it. Because they are paying for it.

Granted, we don’t want to show everybody what the client bought, but we can get close. Our client, who hasn’t actually ever bashed Sea-slugs with volleyballs, or vice-versa, has never wantonly harmed a sea creature in their life, unless, of course, that sea creature ate one of his lures. And at that point, all creatures within limits and size parameters are fare game, and good eating in the Pacific Northwest. (Yes, even the sea-slugs. And yes, we at MANVIL have eaten sea slugs. Raw, ‘picked from the coral on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon by a large boned sarong clad Samoan lady’ sea-slugs. Chewy, salty, chewy sea-slugs.)

So here is a brief peek at the business end of the client’s graphics. They had an idea, and we were able to put that idea together for them graphically. It’s not Charley Harper or Paul Rand, but it WAS in the client’s budget and the design they really liked.

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